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Advances in technology have changed just about every aspect of our daily lives. What our customers tell us they are looking for is a way to benefit from the technology while keeping it simple. We are Smart Tech Security Solutions, located in Palm Desert, CA and we are your only local ADT Authorized Dealer located in the Coachella Valley. So it make sense that calls about ADT PULSE are coming into our office everywhere from Palm Springs on the west to Indio on the east, and from Desert Hot Springs on the north and La Quinta on the South.

So What is ADT Pulse?

ADT PULSE is an Interactive Service that allows you to be in total control of your home from anywhere on the planet, from your phone, iPad, computer, or other internet connected device. With just a touch of a button, you can control your security system, your home video surveillance cameras, heating and air conditioning, lighting, home appliances, door locks, garage door openers, and more! This is especially popular with homeowners who maintain a second home here in the Coachella Valley, and have a primary residence elsewhere. Of course the popular term snowbird is well known here for those folks from Canada and many northern US locations who live with us here during the winter months. But the Coachella Valley is a truly international destination. That’s why the ability to control your home remotely with ADT PULSE Interactive Solutions is so popular here.

And How does ADT Pulse work?

The way ADT PULSE works is by the ADT PULSE hub connecting to the various parts of your home, such as your alarm, your cameras, your door locks, thermostat, lights, appliances,etc, by various means such as WiFi, Z-Wave, and other wireless networks. Then the signals are communicated from your home here in the Coachella Valley through cellular and home internet connections to the network of interconnected, load-sharing ADT Monitoring Centers located throughout North America. The homeowner then downloads an app on their cell phone or tablet. You can also use the web portal on any computer. From there, with just a few button pushes, you control everything remotely.

What are some of the benefits of ADT PULSE?

The first benefit is simply that the home automation and video feed of the PULSE service are integrated into your existing ADT burglary and fire monitoring system.
That means you control everything from ONE app , with just a touch of a button.
ADT PULSE was the first and still the best example of a security company implementing this concept.

Many other companies that have tried to emulate ADT’s example are using a third party center to manage the remote control capabilities, which raises obvious concerns. ADT PULSE is wholly contained within the network of ADT’s six interconnected, load sharing award winning alarm monitoring centers, with complete state and federal background checked employees. No other company can match this. For more detail on this benefit, click here.

At the customer’s home level, that means all ADT PULSE systems come with alarm burglary detection equipment and a GSM cellular communicator, which means whether you have no home phone line, or you have one you’re concerned a burglar may cut the one you have, you can rest assured that even if that happened, your alarm signal will still immediately be sent to ADT to summon the police.

In addition, the system is extremely simple and easy to use. It is also easily expandable and upgradeable, as your needs change. Not only can you manually control your home remotely, but its greatest power is the ability of the system to be programmed by you to perform what are called automations and alerts.

What is an alert and how does this benefit me?

On the PULSE app, you can create an alert to let you know a number of things. Most obvious is alerting you instantly if a burglary or fire is occurring within seconds, even before ADT can call you or call the police. Secondly, wouldn’t you like to know instantly if someone cut off your electricity? A customer who lives in Chino Hills and has our service there as well as in a remote part of Yucca Valley told us the wind in Yucca Valley knocks his power out frequently. He loves that alert because he can contact a neighbor to check on things so his refrigerated food doesn’t spoil. This also prevents a clever burglar from coming back days later after the backup battery is dead. One of our Palm Springs customers enjoys the ability of being alerted when someone comes to her front door. This way she knows if it is the UPS man or a potential burglar. Click here for more info.

And what is an automation and how does this benefit me?

An example of an automation would be to say “IF someone comes to my front door, then capture a 30 second video of his face” The benefit is obvious, that if you weren’t available to respond to the alert and look at the guy live, at least you have saved a recording of it.
Another example would be, to say

“IF I have been away from my home and it is now dark and I’m coming home. When I push disarm on the phone, also open my garage door and unlock my inner door to the kitchen, and turn on certain lights, and lets adjust the thermostat while we’re at it and oh yes, lets turn on the jacuzzi, and how about a little mood music and lets turn off that crockpot and whatever else I can think of!!!”
Another example which I hope you never have to use could be:

God forbid a fire starts, while the system sounding a siren to wake up any sleeping occupants, and while the system is calling ADT to send the fire department, lets have it turn off the air conditioning, so that is cuts oxygen to the fire, as well as minimize the pumping of poisonous gases from the fire into the bedrooms. Let’s also have it unlock the front door so the firemen don’t need to break it down. And lets have it turn on emergency lighting to light the escape paths.
click here for more examples and information.

What is Z-Wave and how does it work with ADT PULSE?

Z-Wave is a wireless networking protocol that is used by our PULSE devices such as the door locks, thermostats, lamp modules,etc. In fact, all the devices except for two categories: The cameras use a separate encrypted WiFi network and the Alarm equipment operate as well on a different special wireless protocol. All of these work together and communicate with the main ADT PULSE control panel in your home.

What are the equipment options that come with ADT PULSE?

Below are some of the options for ADT Pulse Equipment. If you have an existing system, you can add ADT Pulse by replacing your panel with the latest version and then by adding the ADT iHub/Gateway. Once you have the iHub you can choose any of the ADT Pulse compatible equipment. Check out our blog for articles on ADT Pulse for more information. Here is the complete list of ADT Pulse Approved Devices.

Scroll down to view all the equipment options available for ADT PULSE. ADT PULSE can be added to any of our Honeywell or DSC alarm control panels. If you have an existing older version system, it can be replaced with the latest versions, which are compatible with ADT PULSE. The next components needed are a GSM unit and the ADT Interactive Gateway for some systems and Pulse Service levels. The new ADT Total Security Panel has all necessary components already built in.

ADT PULSE Interactive Gateway

The ADT PULSE interactive Gateway is needed for PULSE levels 2 and 3 (video surveillance and home automation). It is also necessary for PULSE level 1 (remote arm and disarm) if the alarm main control panel is a hard wired system (Such as a Honeywell Vista 20 or a DSC 1616, 1832 or 1864 model. If you have the TSSC panel below, as we said, this component is already built in.


The TSSC Panel Base Station connects directly to your home internet router. It comes with the Alarm master control panel, GSM unit, and PULSE Interactive Gateway built in. It is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 series wireless alarm devices, as well as hard-wired alarm systems with the addition of a hard-wire to wireless translator device.


The TSSC Keypad is Wireless and can be carried around or placed on a counter or desktop but a wall mount is available.

ADT PULSE Touchscreen Keypad

This is the Wi-Fi interactive touchscreen from ADT Pulse. You can control all parts of the PULSE system including alarm system, video, door locks, lighting, thermostat, garage door opener and more. It is portable or can be placed on counter or desktop.

ADT PULSE Outdoor Wireless Camera

The Outdoor WiFi Camera is compatible with ADT Pulse. It is completely weather resistant and comes with built in infrared. With this camera, you can see full color images in daylight and clear black and white images even in pitch black conditions.

ADT PULSE Indoor Wireless Camera

This is the Indoor Wireless Camera. With its built in infrared, you can see full color images in daylight and clear black and white images even in pitch black conditions.

ADT PULSE Wi-Fi Range Extender

A wifi extender is necessary for larger homes or in case you want to install an ADT Pulse Camera farther away from the Interactive Gateway.

ADT PULSE Lamp or Appliance Module

These popular devices can be plugged into any AC wall outlet and moved around as necessary. Anything you then plug into them is now controllable by you on the PULSE app. Example of uses are lamps, TVs, radios, stereo systems, curling irons, coffee pots, even crockpots. We have many customers that are literally “cooking from their phone” !!

ADT PULSE Thermostat

This thermostat can be used to control the temperature in your home remotely from your cell phone or other internet device. We install it by removing your existing thermostat and replacing it with this upgraded digital ADT PULSE Z-Wave compatible one.

ADT PULSE Door Lock / Deadbolt

With these Z-Wave deadbolts, you can remotely check whether your doors are locked or unlocked, as well as actually lock or unlock them yourself remotely to let in repairmen, dog walkers, or unexpected visitors. Available in brushed nickel, brass, and venetian bronze colors.

ADT PULSE Garage Door Control

Control your overhead garage door remotely. Never again wonder if you closed it.

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