Thinking Like A Burglar

When I first started my search for home security and safety, I was instructed to “think like a burglar.” The problem is, I don’t know what that means. How can I prevent a home invasion if I’m unsure of how it really occurs?

Here are a few tips to maintaining your safety:

Is anyone home?

  • Many burglars will come to your front door, knocking to see if anyone is home. If the knock goes unanswered, they may try to turn the doorknob to check if it is locked. It takes a burglar less than 60 seconds to gain access through the front door. 

Does the home have an ADT home security system?

  • In our recent blogs, we have mentioned time and time again the importance of owning an ADT home alarm system. From the yard sign to cameras, it is always best  to have your home secured with a monitored alarm system.
  • FBI statistics show, your home is less desirable to burglars simply by having a yard sign in view.
  • ADT offers a variety of options for equipment that will best suit your needs.
  • Camera systems are becoming increasingly more popular. With today’s quality video footage, police are able to solve more burglaries and home invasion crimes with the help of our ADT Pulse Home Automation.

Will anyone notice?

  • Convenient features of an ADT home security system allow homeowners the ability to control outside and inside lighting. Dark and quiet homes are a primary target. With a quick click of a button, you could appear to be home even when you aren’t.
  • Burglars target homes with long grass, weeds and tall bushes. These are great hiding places for someone attempting to break in.
  • Studies show that when a home is broken into many times it will go unnoticed and unsolved. ADT home security will never leave your home unattended. We protect you 24/7.

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"Great Company, The Manager Was Very Helpful and Very Patient. Gave Us More Information Than Other Companies I Called. Would Highly Recommend. Now We Feel Secure. I want to recognize Jesus Ramos for his great customer service. He followed up with me to make sure all my questions were answered and I understood the alarm system. What I also like about Mr. Ramos is that he is always available. I have recomended my friends and family... Thank you!"

Edith Cortez

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