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Once you have decided to install a state-of-the-art home security alarm system from Smart Tech, you will need to schedule an installation appointment so that your selected home alarm security equipment can be installed. Depending on what system is right for you, there are different types of equipment you may receive. Read on to learn more about them.

Types Of Equipment

What home alarm security equipment you require will depend upon the level of security you are looking for. The following is commonly chosen for a well-secured home:

  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Usually combining both fire and carbon monoxide detection, these units are the threshold of a secure home. Even those who are not concerned or not able at this time to outfit their entire home with a home alarm security system should have these detectors. They are so easy to install and manage that you will see them in almost every home or building you walk into.
  • Cameras. These really are at the heart of a good, solid security system. Our clients want to install one so that there are eyes guarding their property even when they aren’t there. For local residents of the Coachella Valley who often spend part of their year in other areas of the country, having a comprehensive set of home security cameras can give a peace of mind like no other. Opting to be able to view the feed remotely on any wireless enabled device is truly the ultimate in assurance, whether you are concerned about intruders, fire, or managing maintenance workers while you are gone. Having cameras in prominent positions on your property will also send the message that the property is protected, and that intruders best look elsewhere.
  • Deadbolts and locks. Reinforcement of each point of entry into the home is a wonderful way of providing extra security. It doesn’t involve difficult installation or having to dig into walls to lay cable, but it will act as a deterrent to intruders trying to find an easy entry. Deadbolts are made of steel and are either single or double cylinder.
  • Door and window contacts. These are devices that attach to a door or window in one of three ways – a surface mounted contact, a recessed contact, or a roller-ball contact. They alert compatible home security alarm systems when a window or door has been opened.
  • Sensors. These alert you to breaking glass, motion, and temperature changes. Just one type can be useful in a home, and using all three will help to fully fortify your home.
  • Panic buttons. These are installed in your home in case of emergency, and when pressed will alert the appropriate authorities to the crisis in your home.

How much home alarm security equipment you install in your home is up to you, and depends upon the level of security you desire. No matter what you choose, you can be assured that the local professionals at Smart Tech Security Solutions can expertly install and service your equipment. We are backed by the long-standing integrity of ADT Security, so you can be sure your safety is in good hands. Call us today at 760.610.5984 to discuss your needs.

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"Great Company, The Manager Was Very Helpful and Very Patient. Gave Us More Information Than Other Companies I Called. Would Highly Recommend. Now We Feel Secure. I want to recognize Jesus Ramos for his great customer service. He followed up with me to make sure all my questions were answered and I understood the alarm system. What I also like about Mr. Ramos is that he is always available. I have recomended my friends and family... Thank you!"

Edith Cortez

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