Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems from ADT Security can now offer you an unprecedented level of intelligent security solutions. No longer do you have to let those nagging worries follow you throughout the day – did I lock the door when I left? Did I set the thermostat? I wonder what the housekeeper is charging me for and not doing today? Now you can monitor and adjust the various settings of your home at the touch of a button – from anywhere!

ADT Pulse

The ADT Pulse home automation systems installed and managed by your local Coachella Valley security experts, Smart Tech Security Solutions, allow you to engage the most state-of-the-art security options available. If you aren’t the last one to leave the home every day, perhaps you want to make sure that the alarm system was enabled once everyone left. Or perhaps, like many of our local residents, you split your time between your property here in the Coachella Valley and elsewhere in the country.

Whatever your needs, with a home automation system you can monitor and control your home security system and many other features within your home at the touch of a button from your smartphone or other compatible wireless device.

Video Surveillance

Have an unexpected ring of the doorbell at night, and would like to know who it is before you make your presence known? No problem. Use your smart phone to take a peek at who’s out there, before deciding if you’d like to answer. In fact, you can check the feed of any security surveillance cameras you have – whether you’re home or not. This comes in particularly handy when you’re away and want to keep an eye on workers or a cleaning crew (or even the babysitter).

Energy Efficiency

If you’re guilty of leaving the A/C or heat running or lights on all day so that your home is bright and cozy when you get home from work, a home automation system could save you hundreds in electricity bills. Use your ADT Pulse system to put your A/C, lights and even appliances on a timer, or set them as needed when people are expected to arrive at your home. Forget to turn the dishwasher on before you left for work? No problem. With a home automation system, you can manage many of your home’s features – including major appliances – from anywhere.

The sky is really the limit with systems like these, and you should expect to see even more ways to interact with your home as the technology continues to expand.

Considering the busy or multi-home lifestyles so many of us live these days, it pays to install a security system that works for you. The aim of the game is making life easier and safer for you – so let our family take care of yours, and call Smart Tech Security Solutions at 760.610.5984

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"Great Company, The Manager Was Very Helpful and Very Patient. Gave Us More Information Than Other Companies I Called. Would Highly Recommend. Now We Feel Secure. I want to recognize Jesus Ramos for his great customer service. He followed up with me to make sure all my questions were answered and I understood the alarm system. What I also like about Mr. Ramos is that he is always available. I have recomended my friends and family... Thank you!"

Edith Cortez

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